Ram Promaster 1500 production van.  Carries a small grip package with enough lighting to cover most interviews, b-roll, live shots, corporate panel discussions, and basic product shots. Most lighting is gold mount battery powered.  


(2) Astra 6X Bicolor

(2) Aputure 300D - w. 105 parabolic, grids, fresnels,- gold mount

(2) Aputure 60x, w 16x16" softbox

(2) Amaran F22x 2x2 Bi-Color LED Flexible Mat

(4) 1x1 bicolor LED - gold mount

(1) on camera Bi color LED 

(2) Gemini 2:1 - snap bags with grids (request - not in van)

(8) baby kit stands

(6) Stingers

(2) 3 rise baby 

Cube taps


(6) C-stands (American)

(2) 3 rise baby w. rollers (American)

(1) 3 rise baby (American)

(2) reflector spring clamp

(4) Grip heads (American)

(6) Cardellini clamp - end jaw

(1) Manfrotto boom stand

(6) Lowel Uni-To baby kit stands

(8) sand or shot bags

(1) Apple Box set (nesting)

(3) Mini Apple Box set (nesting)

Flag / textile / 5 in 1 kits

(2) 24x36" black, white, silver, silk

(2) 30x48" black, white, silver, silk

(2) 40" x 60" black, white, silver, silk

(3) Golf Umbrellas

24x36 breakdown flags

Silk, Solid, single net, double net

18x24 breakdown flag 

Silk, Solid, single net, double net

Flags - misc dots and fingers 

12x20 Digital Greenscreen (on request)

12x6 Digital Greenscreen (on request)

10x10 EZ up (on request)

Honda EU2000i Generator (on request) 

Additional items available on request.