(1) Sony Burano

(2) Sony FX9

(1) Sony FX3/ Ronin-S, wireless focus and video 

(2) Sony EX3

(1) Canon C300 MkI

(1) Canon 5d MKIV

Lenses PL Mount

Canon 17-120mm servo

Canon 15.5-47mm cine

Canon 30-105mm cine

Canon 30-300mm cine

PL - Red Primes 18, 24, 35, 50, 85, 100mm

EF mount

Tokina 11-16mm

(2) Canon 24-70mm

Canon 70-200mm

Canon 50mm

Canon 35mm

E mount 

(2) Sony 28-135mm servo

(1) Sony 24-70mm

(1) Sony 200-600mm

Sigma 24mm Art

Sigma 50mm Art

Sigma 85mm Art


(2) Flanders 21" BM-210 monitors

(1) 7" Freeworld daylight directors monitor 

(1) 7" Lillyput

(1) 5" TV Logic on board


Sachtler 20P

Sachtler 18SB

Sachtler 15SB

Sachtler 12DV


Arri MB-20 Mattebox

Arri FF5HD Follow Focus

Bartech Digtial w Heden servo

Tilta nucleus M

Microforce zoom analog

Paralinx SDI w 2 RX

Hollyland SDI/HDMI w 1 RX

Various Panavision size filters and ND


QGear 15" with PictFlip daylight viewable 

10" vlogger studio size

15" Mirror image stand mounted w PictFlip daylight viewable